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How These Cheap Insoles Helped Relieve My Chronic Back Pain

Pain-Proofing Your Body With Reflexology HushInsole

Massaging Your Way To Better Health

A foot massage is the single most relaxing and enjoyable service to pamper yourself with – it’s believed to be equivalent to a full body massage. This is because there are over 200,000 nerve endings per sole that each correspond to an area of your body.

Massaging of the foot, or reflexology (also known as zone therapy), is an ancient practice that originated from China, but can be traced back to the Ancient Egyptians. This practice has been a welcomed complementary therapy method for many patients suffering from pain since as early as the 1930s.

This practice is based on how one part of your body relates to another part of your body. Pressure points on the sole of your foot link with different parts of your body, and by stimulating precise points, you can relieve strain, reduce pain, improve blood circulation, and boost energy levels.

Experience A Reflexology Treatment On The Go with HushInsole Magnetized Acupressure Insoles

HushInsole is designed for your feet to bring balance, harmony, and pain reduction. It comes with 400 precisely-placed acupoints per insole to target key areas and encourage pain relief throughout your entire body. Massage your feet with 12 large acupoints that target your foot’s arch and your body’s core, 120 medium acupoints that stimulate your core reflex points to reduce stress, relax the body, and relieve backache, and 270 micro acupoints to increase blood circulation.

Based on the theory of reflexology, magnets are believed to balance your body’s natural electromagnetic levels. HushInsole utilizes five natural magnetite magnets at key reflex acupoints that produce 400 gauss of healing magnetic waves to relieve overall body pain and boost endurance. Magnets are soft and cooling to the touch, applying just the right amount of pressure to vital acupoints – just like having a massage therapist wherever you go!

Make every step count with HushInsole!

"HushInsole has re-aligned my entire body and since using these massaging insoles I am entirely pain free!"

Combining ancient traditional reflexology practices with modern design, HushInsole is suitable for everyone! Custom, easy, cut-to-fit guidelines mean that HushInsole fits all sizes for both men and women.

Trusted Method to Effortlessly Eliminate Back Pain

Back pain is the most common type of pain and affects eight out of ten people in their lifetime.

Most back pain symptoms are caused by several things: pinching of the nerve along your vertebrae due to swollen disks, or from muscle and ligament strain due to heavy lifting, sudden awkward movements, or poor physical condition.

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in our body; it runs from the lower back through the hip and along our leg to our heel. When this nerve is pinched, it creates pain which contracts our muscles and creates more pain– thus creating a vicious cycle. By inducing relaxation with HushInsole, you can break this cycle, relieving any back pain almost instantly.

Encourage the Release of Harmful Toxins in Your Body

Toxins are anything that affect and impact your body in a negative way. We get them from everyday life through things such as the food we consume, the water we drink, and the products we use. Buildup of toxins can build up and cause diseases, allergies, headaches, low energy, depression, constipation, digestive problems, and skin issues.

Our bodies naturally filter toxins through our kidneys and liver, but with modern day diets and lifestyles, we need to consciously help the release of toxins by other means.

HushInsole effectively increases the flow of energy, circulation, and stimulates the digestive system. Most find that while using HushInsole, they needed to visit the bathroom more often and were thirstier. This is your body’s way of naturally cleansing toxins and eliminating them from your body!

How Does HushInsole Work?

Designed to stimulate total body wellness, these insoles target the following key areas with precise magnetic acupoints:

Solar Plexus Reflex
This is your center chakra and is one of the most powerful points in foot reflexology. The solar plexus is a clustered network of nerves that is highly affected by stress. By stimulating and releasing this vital reflex point on the upper pad of your sole, it has been known to decrease stress levels as well as increase the body’s tolerance for stress.

Adrenal Reflex
Your adrenal gland releases hormones called adrenaline and noradrenaline. Responsible for your “fight or flight” response, this reflex point is located at your foot’s core arch. By stimulating this acupoint, you will find that it encourages a boost in energy and endurance, helping you burn more calories and feel more alert.

Digestive Reflex
On the physical body, this reflex is your waistline and involves your small and large intestines. The reflex point can be found at the center of your core arch and is responsible for your digestion. Stimulating this acupoint will help you absorb more nutrients within your small intestine, promote healthy bacteria in your large intestine, and relieve bloating.

Waste Elimination Reflex
Tied to your bladder and colon on the physical body, your waste elimination reflex is located at your foot’s core arch. Stimulating this reflex point in conjunction with your digestive reflex will help relieve any constipation and release excess toxins. You will find that you are more regular and your skin clearer!

Sciatic Reflex
The sciatic nerve is a nerve that starts at your lower back all the way to your heel. Sciatica is a radiating pain, tingling, or numbness due to the sciatic nerve being pinched. Stimulating the vital reflex point will relax the muscles from cramping and relieve any back pain.

Re-Balance and
Reduce Pain

HushInsole Massaging Insoles

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